Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sheepskin Rugs - Rarebreed / Jacobs

We know it's getting round to Xmas when the demand for sheepskin rugs goes through the roof.  This year we have some beautiful, unique rarebreed sheepskins including many Jacobs; these are available in single sheepskins and double sheepskin rugs.

These are sure to be a hit at Xmas and look stunning by the fireside making a a cold winter cosy.  Sheepskin rugs are also great at lifting a floor, adding luxury and warmth to any living area modern or traditional.  Check out our beautiful double sheepskins that compliment wood of all ages, styles and shades. 

Have a look at our newest collection of rarebreed sheepskin rugs at Rugs Uk, sheepskins available in browns, blacks, creams and whites.

Above: Rarebreed Double Sheepskin Rug

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