Tuesday, 13 April 2010

New Modern Rugs

It looks like Summer is finally arriving and the weather is getting better. Why not take advantage of it being nice, do a bit of a spring clean and make some home improvements?
You'd be surprised how much a rug can change the mood and atmosphere of a room.

Here at Rugs Uk we have just added some stunning new modern rug collections with some awesome new rug designs to choose from that we thought you may be interested in. These collections include the Frame Rug Collection, Elements Rug Collection and the highly recommended Jasmine Rug Collection

The Frame Rug Collection are a collection of rugs that are hand tufted and hand carved from 100% acrylic pile. They are mainly plain with accents that are geometrically and botanically inspired. Made in China, soft, durable and easy to clean.

Frame Rug Design 6 - Flower Apple
The Jasmine Rug collection is an awesome collection of rugs that are very different. These rugs are made from super soft polyester pile and inlayed with tufted acrylic. We really like these rugs because they are sculpted and look so different to a lot of collections that we sell. Definitely worth having a look at if you like something that's a little different.

Jasmine Rugs Design 2 - Blue

The Elements Rug Collection is also a stunning collection of rugs that offers something a little different. These are handtufted and made in India from 100% wool. In this collection style and funk marry to create something that everyone wants. Definitely worth having al ook at.
You can view all of our new rug collections at Rugs Uk. We have literally thousands of rugs for your home, for you to choose from.

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