Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Become a Rugs UK Affiliate and Earn Money

Interested in affiliate marketing? Do you have a site and want to make money? Rugs (UK) Ltd is currently looking for affiliates to join their affiliate scheme through Romanclick.

Rugs UK has an easy to use affiliate scheme, that pays 5% commission on all referrals from your own site that result in a sale at www.rugsuk.com

We use the RomanClick affiliate scheme, which allows us to create bespoke text/image links according to your needs.

If you’re ready to sign up now, we have a series of text links or jpegs ready to go. It costs nothing to sign up, and we’ll pay you by cheque, quarterly.

Join the Rugs (UK) Ltd affiliate scheme Today

You will be invited to sign up to RomanClick. On completion, you will be sent an email with your RomanClick login details. Simply log in to your new RomanClick account, and browse through campaigns; you will see 'Rugs UK' listed as an available 'campaign'. Unlike most of the campaigns listed, our campaign lasts for 999 days which means it will remain active for years rather than a week. This should give you ample time to start reaping the rewards of becoming a Rugs UK affiliate.

Click on ‘Rugs UK' and you will be taken to a page containing two options: one to add a text-only link to your site, and one to add a small image. In each case, some website code is provided, which you should pass to your webmaster to add to your own website page(s).

Once a visitor clicks on a link that you provide on your website, their movements will be tracked within the Rugs Uk website. If they purchase something from us the value of the sale will be recorded and you will be granted 5% commission in your RomanClick affiliate account. Simple as that!

Sign up today, we're looking forward to welcoming you to the team.

If you have any queries about this scheme please contact webmaster@rugsuk.com

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