Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Children's Cute Owl Shaped Rugs

Brand new this month are this pair of cute children's owl shaped rugs.  We've added them to our clearance section because due to poularity, stocks are already in short supply.

Featuring an anthropomorphic design, these rugs are available in a classic pink for girls and a beautiful blue for boys; guaranteed to create the finishing touch or talking point in a child's bedroom or nursery.  These are made from 100% handtufted acrylic, making them, soft, warm, moth proof and hardwearing.

Blue Owl Shaped Rug - Available at Cool Rugs For £28.99 Including Free Mainland UK Delivery.

Pink Owl Shaped Rug - Available at Cool Rugs For £28.99 Including Free Mainland UK Delivery.

We invite you to venture over to our sister site www.cool-rugs.co.uk
Recently we have revamped this site to include all of our newest up to date children's rug collections so if you've visited us before you will be pleasantly surprised by our new colourful design.  We have integrated customer comments into all of our product pages and invite you to leave comments about rugs that you have purchased or like.  We have created this site with you in mind, your opinion is very important to us so please do leave a comment.

We look forward to continuing our success as a children's online rug shop and aim to be the biggest, bestest children's rug shop in the UK.  We hope you like our new website and look forward to your feedback.

Link to: Children's Owl Shaped Rugs in Our Clearence Section

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

New Children's Rugs Just In Time For Xmas

Here at Rugs Uk, we've just managed to source some excellent new collections of children's rugs just in time for Xmas. We've had numerous emails requesting children's rugs that are soft, warm and washable; true to form, we have searched high and low to bring you some of the best washable children's rugs available.

Plush Rugs - Cupcake Pink
It's with great pleasure that we introduce to you the new Plush Rugs collection. Exhibiting a range of rugs that are made from 100% soft fleecy acrylic, making them hand washable, hard wearing, moth proof and affordable. This collection is great for children's nurseries and each design provides that finishing touch that really brings a childs bedroom to life. We especially like the two new cupcake rug designs that are, oh, so cute!

Plush Rugs - Cupcake White

At £14.99 with free delivery to any mainland UK address, these are a superb stocking filler or Xmas gift idea.

If your budget is a little more and you're looking for something a little bigger, then we recommend the brand new Fun Rugs collection that exhibits a collection of rugs that feature a non-slip backing and are available in several really fun designs.

Fun Rugs - Crayons

Fun Rugs - Animals
 Inject a little fun into your child's bedroom. Some of our favourite designs include crayons, the square shaped snakes and ladders design, the animals rug and the under the sea hopscotch rug.

Sizes vary according to design but the majority of designs are 80cm x 150cm and available for free delivery at £22.99.

IPerhaps you're looking for a collection of children's rugs that are not only soft and warm but also machine washable? We recommend the Bambino Rugs Collection. This is a stunning collection of children's shaped bedroom rugs available in several bright and colourful designs; the shaped rocket, shaped heart, shaped racing car, shaped butterfly and the classic black and white shaped football rug.
Prices start from £11.99 and include free delivery.

Last but not least, we want you to know about the new character rugs that we have added to our ever expanding collection of non-slip children's character rugs. Available in a larger size of 95cm x 133cm, these rugs are all official licensed character rugs including many official bedroom rugs from Disney. There's several new designs that have been recently added, including Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh rugs and more. Our favourite new designs though, have to be the new Spiderman rugs that compliment the new Amazing Spiderman movie.

There's so many new Spiderman designs now available!  If you love Spiderman as much as we do then you've got to check these out!

For more information, to check out our latest designs and more, then head over to http://www.rugsuk.com/Kiddies/index.html for our latest children's seasonal rug collections.

For other children's character goods and stocking fillers, we recommend www.characterland.co.uk

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Chelsea Flower Show & Floral Rugs

The RHS 2012 Chelsea Flower show has now started and will be running up until the 26th of May.   What a great start, with some places this week getting above 25 on the mercury.  This year there are some stunning gardens and botanical displays that you are sure to marvel at!  Be sure to take a picnic and sit in tranquility as nature truly shows off it's beauty.  Be inspired florally!

We tend to find that people get so florally inspired when they go to the Chelsea flower show that they look to bring some of the magic of outside into their home.  Summer is a great time to do this because everything is so fresh and vibrant that it motivates us to change our decor.  'Out with the old and in with the new,' so to speak.  With the Chelsea Flower Show in mind people often look for rugs that are botanically inspired or floral in design.  So this year to compliment the Chelsea Flower Show we have some beautiful floral rug designs available that we're sure you'll love.

The Viola Rug Collection has several floral patterns available to choose from including colours red, blue cream and purples.

The Infinite Rug Collection exhibits designs that have lots of abstract swirling floral patterns, sure to brighten up and rejuvenate any living space.

The Blossom Rug Collection has one design of pretty repeating flowers available in three different colourways.

We hope that you will enjoy the Chelsea Flower Show and looking at our rugs that we have picked to compliment it.  There are literally hundreds of florally inspired rug collections on our website.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Spiderman Rugs

We've had a lot of requests recently, asking for Spiderman rugs.  Well, we're pleased to announce that we have four superb designs.  Three of which are 95cm x 133cm (a good size rug for a medium sized bedroom) and one of which is 50cm x 80cm.

Out of the first three that are 95cm x 133cm, our personal favourite is the 'Go Spidey' rug that features Spiderman swinging through the middle of New York sky-scrapers.  This is a bright colourful design that would look fantastic in a boys bedroom.
Spiderman Rug - 'Go Spidey'

Next we have the Spiderman 'Action' design that features our popular red masked hero using his 'Spider Sense' to unleash a web to save him from falling.  A classic design that is very much sought after and has become desirable to collect.

Spiderman Rug - 'Action'

Our personal least favourite but yet proven to be a very popular design is the Spiderman 'Gargoyle' rug; it depicts Spiderman crouched on top of a giant gargoyle looking back with the city below him.
Spiderman Rug - 'Gargoyle'

Last, but not our least favourite is the smaller 50cm x 80cm Spiderman Sense rug that features Spider-man in a more cartoon style.  We would say that this rug is more suited to the younger Spidey fans.

Spiderman Rug - Spider Sense'

All these super Spiderman rug designs have a non-slip backing and are made from 100% polyamide (the Smaller Spider Sense rug is made from 100% Nylon) which is a machine washable material. These are super for children's bedrooms because they are hard wearing, washable and non slip making them stylish, affordable and safe.
We hope that you have enjoyed reading about our current Spiderman Rugs.  If you would like to buy one or see more popular character rug designs then please come and see our current collection of Children's rugs
If you are looking for more Spiderman Character products or other Spiderman gift ideas then please visit our favourite character website - Characterland - they sell Spiderman bedding, toys, bags, curtains and more bedroom stuff.